Arabic phrases you need to know

Whether you’re planning to stay in Egypt for a few weeks, or even a few days, we’ve brought you the most used Arabic Egyptian terms you need to know even if you’re going to stay at the Cairo International Airport for a few hours.


These are the phrases you can use when you’re still on the plane or when the plane landing might as well use them when you’re entering Cairo Airport.
Hi – Salam.
Good morning – Sabah el kheir.
Good evening – Masaa el kheir.
Happy Ramadan – Ramadan Mobarak.
Congratulations – Mabrouk.
Welcome home – Hamdella ala el salama.

Introduce yourself

If you’re feeling bored at any place in Egypt, you can start a conversation using any of those phrases,
How are you – Ezaiak?
The weather is good – el gaw gameel
My name is.. – Ana esmi…
What’s your name? – Esmak eih?

Express yourself

If it’s hard for the people around you to understand your language, you can just know one or more of the following expressions, it will help you ease the situation,
I am tired – Ana taaban.
Feeling hungry – Ana Gaan.
Feeling thirsty – Ana atshan.
I am lost – Ana taieh.
Help me – Saaedni.
Sorry – Asef.
Thank you – Shukran.
You’re welcome – aafwan.
Please – Men fadlak.
Yes – Aiwa.
No – La.
How much? – Be Kam?

We summed up most of the terms you might use anywhere in Egypt, it would be useful for you if you started practicing them at Cairo Airport.

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